Monday, 20 June 2016

Here are 3 simple steps to train your mind when things go downhill and you are steadily finding a way to pick yourself back up again.

Be Inspired!

Refrain – Thoughts control us as our mind is the strongest role model we own, avoid over-thinking, trying to change things before they occur, complicating simple situations with doubt are things we need to AVOID. Refrain from vocalizing negative utterances about yourself, your life and plans you have made. Do not expect the worse, it doesn’t help you health wise and we are all aware that if you say something enough times, the universe somehow listens and it happens.

Refocus – Take control of your life, take pride in the small stuff, set goals and make short-long term plans. Share your experiences and gain more knowledge on how to achieve more, train your mind with personal development courses, develop skills and find ways to maintain your craft by recording your daily progress and examine yourself weekly, monthly and yearly. What have I achieved? what could I have done better and what do I want to do next.

Reclaim – Speak positivity into existence, consistency is usually the greatest motivator. Stay focused and adhere to the plan you have made to uplift your morale by being happy. TRAVEL and READ ! The broader your mindset, the greater the heights you predict for yourself and reward yourself often, no matter how big or small an achievement is.
All in all, give yourself time to grow, make mistakes and focus on learning something new daily.
“Walking in a straight line will only raise a narrow mind”  GOOD MORNING


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