Friday, 22 April 2016


The room looked dirty,with clothes dragging for their space at the foot of the bed and around the room,the table looked like it was going to crash soon from the weight of books sitting on it. The chair was upside down,as though someone was making an attempt to stand on it from beneath.
April looked at the picture on top of her fridge and hissed. Getting up from the floor,the only space in the room that was free from the rioting clothes,she looked at her window,and walked lazily towards it. Taking a step at a time so she does not fall because she felt really weak,she got close to the window bar and Pulling the curtain out of the way,she sighed as the beautiful sunlight hit her sad face.
Wow,the day look beautiful,she thought to herself,she got sight of Benjamin,Mr Martin,her landlord's son,kicking his ball with happiness and mumbling to himself as though he was his own referee. She smiled and nearly laughed,as she noticed he was just on panties and his little boots,both blue in colour, this child loves colour match she thought,as she looked at the handsome three-years old some more.
Looking away from him she looked at the mango tree that served as relaxation park and also car park for Mr Martin,they looked ripe enough to be plucked. She was going to make plans towards that next week.
She stopped starring and looked back into her room. "hmmn,this room is a mess" she said aloud. Moving to her table, she picked her phone and went to her inbox,opened the message from Daniel and read the message for the twentieth time that morning.
     "April am sorry,but my parents have chosen a bride for me and you know how I respect them,so am sorry dear, but our engagement us off. I pray you find a better man that will love you more than I do and marry you-----Daniel".
     She pulled up her chair and sat on it,looking at her phone as tears gather in her eyes,she re-assessed message,this was the first time in 5years he was calking her by her name in a message. How can he say he respects his parents so much,or was he no longer the Dan she kept begging to reconcile with his dad,who just came back to his family after 6years of travelling to Spain? And how can he say a better man that will love her more than he did? How can? Or is there such a man? His love for her felt unbeatable. And for heaven's sake, how can he call off their 2years engagement through a text message,not even a call.
Now,the tears were running down her cheeks.
She looked at herself in the mirror and cried more,it seemed that she has lost a lot of weight in 10hours. Her hair that have cost so much to make looked rough and old. She pushed her hair back and caught sight of her bible lying within her books. She pulled it out with care and blew on it. It looked really dusty. Why both? She thought,I look at it only on Christmas carol day.
She opened the first page and looked at her mother's beautiful writing "To April Ona,on the occasion of her twentieth birthday". She smiled through her tears and covered it. This was a gift from her mother 9years ago.
She picked up her phone and made another attempt to call Dan,still not reachable. She dropped the phone and picked up the bible,stood up from the chair and walked towards her wardrobe. She opened the top cabinet and was about to place it inside,then she notice that some parts where overfolded,she closed the cabinet and sat on the bed.
She needed to straighten out those pages,for it felt like she was disrespecting her mother's gift.
She opened  the pages and started straightening them out. The book of Psalms,lovely she thought,she remembered that she was told those days in the Sunday school class in church that it was written by king David,her mind drifted away from the pages and she recalled the story of David and Bethsheba the wife of Uriah. How the king got her pregnant and made the husband deliver his own death sentence. Shame, she thought,men are wicked. They have been wicked from time immemorial,she concluded.
Then her eyes caught the book of Psalms chapter 138 verse 8 "THE LORD WILL PERFECT THAT WHICH CONCERNS ME;YOUR MERCY O LORD ENDURES FOREVER;FORSAKE NOT THE WORKS OF YOUR OWN HAND". Interesting,she said
"and how on earth can I say my life is perfect? She hissed and continued straightening the pages. She turned another page and read it, "FOR YOU ARE A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION"--------Halleluyah,she said and burst out laughing,Halleluyah felt so strange to her lips.
She thought of the verse of that bible for a while and looked at herself in the mirror, she got up,sat on the chair and sat directly opposite the mirror,took some nose wipes from the pack on the floor and blew into it. Then she looked at her face again and thought, "SO I AM A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD,A HOLY NATION?" Then she said aloud,
April,you are beautiful,you are smart and you are intelligent,no more suicide thoughts,no more tears for Daniel,get yourself up and face life,he ain't coming back. She knelt down,with the bible in her hands and wept bitterly.
When did she forget all this promises of God? When did she drift away from God so much that she allowed life to toss her to an fro without remembering a single promise? "LORD JESUS I NEED YOU BACK INTO MY LIFE,Even  IF DANIEL DON'T COME BACK I NEED YOU,I FEEL TOO EMPTY TO CONTINUE LIKE THIS".
 By Dr Juliet Ejere


  1. Lovely! GOD IS MY ALL in ALL

  2. Lovely! GOD IS MY ALL in ALL

  3. Lovely! GOD IS MY ALL IN ALL

  4. Lovely! GOD IS MY ALL IN ALL

  5. Lovely! GOD IS MY ALL IN ALL

  6. Lovely! GOD IS MY ALL IN ALL

  7. lovely! GOD IS MY ALL IN ALL

  8. Godswill Esezobor26 April 2016 at 03:39

    Am proud of you Easy. This is to certify that i am your ardent fan for life. We need more of your work here, love you loads!