Thursday, 21 April 2016


Music, is the food of the soul, it is commonly said. But my view is this- Whatever goes in is a food to it. Just as the Computer language goes ; "Gabbage in, Gabbage out"
            Your soul becomes a product of that which you feed it. It could be related to a biological process. You do not starve yourself and expect not to die in the body, also you do not eat the same type of meal and expect to be balanced in all areas. Balanced diets are required to be healthy and this can be related to your soul for a healthy soul.
          The nurturing of your soul is a daily  process. The soul is never satisfied till resurrection.
          Therefore, every believer has a duty to feed his soul with the "balanced diet" of God's word, properly digested such that it's effect will be reflected in our bodies.
          Do not be an idle Christian.  Take God's word not in a selective pattern but wholly, chew on it and and digest it daily. Your soul important.  Breed it via His word and in His word. Meditating on  it, Speaking it, Praying it and it will push you to do it and thats' living it!



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