Sunday, 24 April 2016


Alone I sat,
In the dark
Lost in thoughts,random thoughts
Tossing back and forth
Those lies, those tricks, those acts and deeds
Those words that should be left unsaid
Fettered by the chains of past
Memories replayed
I cried....

I looked around,
Seeking a solace
I saw my most treasured book
"As far as the east is from the west
I'm the eternal vine that quenches thirst
I knew you before you were born
I loved you before you knew"
I smiled...

''I took your sins,
Openly crucified,
Nailed on my scarred bare hands
With my blood you were made right
Saved from slavery
Inherited sonship
A redeemed son, my joint heir
For you to live
I Died"...............(selah)

I cuddled,Held on to Him tight
I felt Him like he was near
He was!
"Your body is my temple, keep it clean"
I will, I replied
''Its not by power or might
Stay chaste, stay pure, stay clean, be plain
Stay in me and I in you
I'm the way, the truth and life
The eternal vine"
I'd Abide

I felt His presence so intense
"He's in me and I in Him"
I Echoed
"Be confident, determined and courageous"
I mumbled,
With calmness and Joy of the heart
To the heav'nly realm
I flied.....


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