Saturday, 23 April 2016


Prevailing Prayers

When you hear some folks pray you would think God has travelled. But the truth is God is more close to you than the shirt you are wearing.  God isnt far away, He is nigh you.

You will hear words like 'Father wherever you are I know you can hear me, prove to me that you are God else I will drop my Bible' (Eh! Seriously?)

 Its not in the amount of words, grammatical construction or the tears (its possible to cry in prayers),  its not the location, posture though may be important  BUT it is the PRAYER OF FAITH that produces result.
James 5:16 puts it 'The fervent (heartfelt) prayer of the righteous man',  that kind of prayer will always produce result.

The next time you want pray, don't complain, don't  talk like God is far away, speak to Him like a Father. Lay demands in prayers based on the word, move mountains with your faith.
The best way to pray effectively is praying in tongue(shatalamaya kiddosh ) wooooooooh you can never pray amiss in tongues, 1Corinthians 14:2-4 puts it as 'SPEAKING MYSTERIES'. The devil can decode, the human mind can understand what we are saying.
You settle things that will happen in future, you clear your path and lay claim of your inheritance.
If you haven't received the infilling of the HolyGhost, receive it today.

Go ahead and enjoy a glorious prayer life.

Glory to God!!!!!!!!


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