Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Spiritual emergency!!!

Spiritual emergency!!! We exist in a generation were the love of the God in the heart of the youth is waxing cold. A generation where "nothing matters " , It's so amazing that so many youths  can spend their time on social media engaging in irrelevant things but can not communicate to God through prayers for 30 mins. Most youth can spend their hard earn money on clothings, but can not buy inspirational books to study, they can give their sin partners huge amount of money, but can not give to the poor, needy, and to God almighty. We are in a state of Spiritual Emergency, a time "The Eagles " are to rise and stand in the gap. Remember, when you are in a state of prayerlessness,a state where you can not worship God in Spirit, a state where you have no regard for your Creator,then you are in a state of Spiritual Emergency. Let's rise up to our responsibility!!! Watch and Pray, the thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and to destroy(John 10 : 10 ) We should not give him a chance. Awake to the call of Spiritual Emergency!!! It's an URGENT call.


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