Monday, 4 April 2016


#Radical Change...
It's so obvious our political system has failed,
Educational system crumbled,
i feel like tears running down my cheek when i think of the whole situation,
In a system where we use fire brigade approach to attend classes,do assignments,
Write text and cram for exam,
Such an epileptic and anaemic pedagogic system,
With only plastic bowls in lab and expired chemicals if any,
A place where majority of lecturers can't make a complete sentence
And the students learn same,
The question is?
Are we going to continue this way??
Is this really the type of political,economic,educational or social system that makes a good Nation?
Is this what we are going to leave as heritage for our Children??
Where are the world changers,
Where are those with Holy Ghost fire in their bones to cause a political revolution?
To champion an economic change,
To set a new Educational pace,
Let's rise Church!!!
Lets not settle for anything less than world conquest,
Lets rise as an irresistible people,
Lets rise as impossible men,
i feel a cut in my heart as i write this,
My heart burns for my Nation,
For generations yet unborn and our past heroes who fought for the Nation,
*i bleed,
My heart quakes,
There has to be a change,
There must be a change.
Leaders like Nelson mandela of blessed memory would rather suffer 27years in prison  than enjoy privileges ,
Even when He was promised a house and a car just to keep off from fighting the whole corrupt system

"He would say,lock the prison doors and throw away the keys,
Am not ready to be free if my people are not free",
What a leader,
He was refused to go for His mother's funeral,
And was also refused to go see His son when he died in a motor accident,
What a man!
He forgave them still and worn the in the fight for freedom...
A changed World is Possible, don't let the cost scare you...
Let's stand up from this political system that inflicts pains on citizens,from this educational system that brings many into mental slavery,

What are you ready to die for just like Mandela,
Are you just okay with everything?(then you are not honest),
Whats your obsession?
 #why seat we still and die,
Lets restore the Glory of the church,
The pride of our Nation and the Joy of our People

#Team_world Changers
#hear my heartbeat!!!


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