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Col 3:16
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

A believer should be a word-man. One who reads it, knows it, believes it and practice it. That's the definition of a healthy Christian.

The one who truly knows the word, will do it. For the word you know but don't act on won't bless you-it won't do you any good. Your life will be same as one who would not read and learn the word at all. Both of you are one and the same.
No distinction.

However we should understand that God's word is given to us for us to learn and practice-do it.

The word shouldn't be an activity, an even or an occasion. It IS FOR OUR DAILY LIVING or WALK.

The terrible mistake some saint make is they use the word for occasion but don't have it as a way of living.
Do you understand?

What I mean is...some folks save the word of God for the rainy day- to them it is a tool they draw upon when the need-often satan's darts or situations of life arises.


No one becomes a healthy Christian who is in the habit of such practice.

Learning the word and been taught the word is the TOOL for growth. No one can experience true spiritual growth who is not given to the ministry word.


It's not what we run to when we come against diverse trials and challenges.

It ought to be what regulates our day-day life.
God's word is not a spare tire. It is the main thing.

Our knowledge of the word determines our level of faith.

Your faith can't develop beyond your level of God's word.

We are built by it.

Act 20:32
"And now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.


Let it be the MAIN PLAN.


Do not wait till you fall I'll before you confess
"I am the healed"

Don't wait till you need to pay that bill or buy that car or pay your fees before you confess
"God supplies all my needs"

Don't wait for to step on a poison before you confess
"Nothing by any means hurt me"

Don't wait to be poor before you confess
"I am prosperous... God delights in my prosperity"

Don't wait to fail before you confess
"I am a success in this life"

Don't wait to being a mess before you confess
"Nothing works against me"

Don't wait to do right before you confess
"I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus"

Don't wait to err before you confess
"I am the man forgiven...sin has no power over me,for I am not under the law but under grace"

Don't wait to be lost for thought before you confess
"I cannot be confuse, I walk in the light, I always know what to do and how to do all I do"

Don't wait till the doctors say you have 7days to live before you confess
"I shall not die till full old age, I will fulfill my purpose..healing is is my"

Don't wait for fear to mount on you before you confess
"I have a sound mind, I do not have the spirit of fear"

Don't wait till you are offended before you confess
"I walk in love always, no matter the offence, I am slow to wrath"...

Don't wait till you get married before confessing
"My wife/husband &  kids are blessed...I have a blessed marriage and family"

Don't wait till you have 1million before you confess
"I am a addicted giver, a loving giver, nothing is too big or expensive for me to give"

In summary, don't wait until you get into a tight situation before you USE THE WORD!

Do you wait till you body stinks before you bath?

Obviously no!

So make  a habit of living daily by the word not occasionally.


While you are bathing, walking, defecating, relaxing, etc...make a practice of confessing the word over your life. Be found always with the word on your mouth!

Be a WORD ADDICT - there is no side effect!

Living and doing the word starts with hearing, learning and saying it.

You can't practice or do the word  you have not heard or learnt or been saying.


God's word in your mouth will become ineffective when you are under pressure, anxious, fearful, and worried.

These can render the word fruitless in your mouth.

That is why it is of paramount importance that you don't wait to be in a mess before you start confessing your faith.

Most times, you are already under pressure....then fear and doubt sets in and before long, you begin to question the integrity of the word.


The world says "when we get tk that bridge, we will find a way to cross it" let's get there first.

The word says...

Rom 4:17
(as it is written, "I have made you a father of many nations") in the presence of Him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;

From the WORD,

We don't get to the bridge before crossing it...we start crossing it with the word of God in our mouth.

We call things that don't exist as though they did.

So don't wait to come under pressure before you confess the word.

Let it be a daily regular business or habit for you.

For me, it has always been, it still is, it forever will be till time ends.

I am a WORD ADDICT- thank God!

Same as King David. I respect his addiction level of  the word. It is instructive and worthy of emulation.


If a man who lived under the  old covenant, one who was spiritually dead, who didn't have the indwelling holy spirit etc had such habit and hunger for the word(the law of the Lord), how much more a new creation with an eternal indwelling holy ghost... Shouldn't we be greater addicts of the word?

Hear King David

Ps 119:148
My eyes anticipate the night watches and I am awake before the cry of the watchman, that I may meditate on Your word.

Ps 119:97-105

97Oh, how love I Your law! It is my meditation all the day.(S)

98You, through Your commandments, make me wiser than my enemies, for [Your words] are ever before me.

99I have better understanding and deeper insight than all my teachers, because Your testimonies are my meditation.(T)

100I understand more than the aged, because I keep Your precepts [hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying them].

101I have restrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep Your word [hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying it].(U)

102I have not turned aside from Your ordinances, for You Yourself have taught me.

103How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!(V)

104Through Your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way.

105Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.(W)

Glory to God

Hear his offspring- King Solomon

Prov 4:20-22
My son, attend to my words; consent and submit to my sayings.

21Let them not depart from your sight; keep them in the center of your heart.

22For they are life to those who find them, healing and health to all their flesh.

The WORD OF GOD IS THE ONLY DRUG(Medicine) with no side effect and no over dose( even doctors testify)

The world says "too much of everything is bad"
but not with the word. You can't have too much of the word.

I AM ADDICTED...(to the word) I OWN UP...

Be ADDICTED to God's word.

Renew your commitment to the word of God- both reading and the practise of it.


Christ did it all...we always win


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