Thursday, 14 April 2016

 Fuel scarcity.
It is no longer a news nor a rumour about the fuel scarcity and its excessive increase in the price value from #95.00to #200.00 and even above. This virus is causing an excruciating pain and it's gradually reducing the economic standard  of the Nation.Little wonder what lead to this sudden impediment, however, it was clearly started by the President that the major cause of the fuel scarcity is not actually the unavailability of the product from the various refineries but major dealers from various filing stations refusing to sell the product to motorists claiming that they haven't been supplied and later re-distributes this product to black marketers at a very high price getting twice of the actual price value.It was clearly started by motorists at most filing stations visited that they "motorist" usually sleep in this filing stations just to get fuel and sometimes end up not even getting this precious assets called"fuel" after been exposed to various hazards and dehumanization. Well,those who manage to get this product at a very high price are left to generally increase the fees for transportation
Details gathered clearly summit that most travellers and traders could not travel to get theirs goods from neighboring States dues to the inflating price.President Buhari says that hopefully the fuel scarcity could end before the weekend.However, motorists have however concluded that the only hope left to them for transportation is now the usage of Gas which is only used by few motorists. Conclusively from the major happenings in Nigeria,it is a fact that what the Nation needs right now is not the help of the president but youths who are ready to take charge and change their world. YOU TOO CAN CHANGE YOUR WORLD!



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