Tuesday, 26 April 2016


YOU CAN GET IT!!!  Some times we come to God in prayers to ask from Him, but yet we ask in fear. When we pray, we remember some irrelevant facts that are not true, but the devil uses these to stop us from getting what we can get.  Some of these things are : Fear that arises from our Past sins : the devil reminds you of your Past life and make you forget that if you are in Christ you are a new creature,old things are Past away but all things have become new 2 Corinthians 5:17 ,you don't need to bring your Past into your future, because when God looks at you He sees the blood of His only begotten son and not a man who was once a thief or a murderer. So, why do you allow the devil to feed you with lies that you can't get what you want from God. Secondly,  we always consider our family background when we ask from God. We tend to limit God based on our background. Eeh!!! Your background is not a factor to get what you want from God, but your FAITH. David was a Shepherd boy, yet he was made a King, Esther was an orphan, yet was made a queen, Gideon was the least in his family but brought deliverance to his nation,our Lord  Jesus was born in a Meager, yet He became our messiah. Therefore do not allow  your background to serve as a limitation to your request. Psalm 2:8 ; ask of me and I will give the nation for your inheritance,and the ends of the earth for your possession. Remember the woman in the bible that needed Jesus to heal her child with unclean spirit?  She wasn't qualified because she wasn't a child of the kingdom,  but she worshipped at Jesus' feet and got want she wanted at last due to humility and perseverance. YOU are at a greater advantage because you are joint  heir with  Christ and you belong to the kingdom,you don't need to eat the crumbs from the Lord, because you are very special.Don't limit Him because your background means nothing to Him, He knew you before you were formed, and always put your faith to work. REMEMBER,YOU CAN GET IT, BUT IF ONLY YOU WANT TO, THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT!!!


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