Monday, 25 April 2016


Have you written your jamb thrice?
Or waec and neco twice?
Have you fed on satan's lies?
Soaked pillow from all night cries

Have they called your product trash?
Or Incessantly run out of cash?
Have you seen hardship so harsh?
Or your breakthrough do just flash

Worn out feet from trekking streets?
Shirt and tie that doesn't fit?
Tired of praying for help'meet?
Or you just keep missing that hit

Is your song called odious noise?
While pleading; you've lost your voice
You've lost esteem or poise

Are you thinking of giving up?
Or drowning your worries in night club
Are you seeing the signpost "STOP"?
Or all is just crashing, bursting like pop

Those who mocked you at those joints
Those mocking fingers that point
Those who jest you back and front
Soon you'd be a Great Reference Point

Don't give up, you'd soon hit that goal
Strengthen your spirit, mind and soul
For those who mock and to you howl
Would In your Wealth Eat Full bowl...


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