Friday, 29 April 2016

NIGERIA MUSIC! is it of good value to our youth

According to the online Etymological Dictionary, the term "music" is derived from "mid-13c., musike, from Old French musique (12c.) and directly from Latin musica "the art of music," also including poetry. The word derives from Greek word "mousike; which means, art of the Muses (muse is one of the nine goddesses in the greek, which encouraged poetry, music and other branches of art and literature). In classical Greece, the term "music" refers to any art in which the Muses presided, but especially music and lyric poetry. From the etymological meaning music is all about its lyrics; its words that is passed along.
According to the oxford advance learners' dictionary 6th edition music are sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasant or exciting to listen to. The offline english Dictionary put it as any pleasing or interesting sound. Music are inspirational words compiled by someone with appiled beaten; so as to either entertain you,make you relax or make you think. Music is food to the soul. According to shakespare "If music be the soul of life, play it and give excess of it." Music is life. Music bring life and sweetness to the soul. Music uplift the soul.
Music is a tool for social engineering. Music is rhythm. It is the universal language of the soul. It appeals to the mind, thereby giving it a soothing relief from the hustles and bustles of life, stimulating thoughts, relaxes the brain.
There are different genres of music: rap, R&B, reggae, pop, rock, blues,jazz e.t.c. Different sounds/genres of music puts people in different mood.
Music can be either positive or negative; good or bad. What makes a music good or bad, is the message it passes along. Music can have a positive or negative effect through the message or words (that's what a music is all about). After listening to R&B What is your mind reading?  And the Pop; What message is it passing to the youth out there? I believe that's where the challenge, evil or good thought start From. The Nigeria kind is majorly of bad message, it is either SEX OR MONEY OR VIOLENCE. Very few sing of restoration and encouragement. Majority win the youth heart today and the media like radio and Television stations are not helping. Nigerian music today, has lost its social value. Nigerian music today, even though we still have some good music, has influenced the youths negatively. It has degenerated into platform for show of money, sex provoking and also a battle of words that now warrants the question: music or war? There are situation were different artistes insults one another in the name of music. Music which is and supposed to be an instrument for settling disputes, is today, now a tool of war. What a paradigm shift! Youths go into music today, not to add value to the society, but to among other things, make money, blaspheme others or to appear on screen and become famous. Its rare these days to get music that gives moral lessons in Nigeria. For majority of what we hear today, you can hardly draw meanings and messages.Like I said earlier, even though there are still some very few good music, a vast majority of Nigerian music adds no value to the human mind/society. According to proverb as a man thinks so he is. In other words your thought make you. You became what you think. Music is a tool that affect the mind. It affect you thought. With the regular mention of provocative and sex encouraging words, violence related words,as well as words relating to drinking alcohol and smoking Indian hemp. which can easily influence the minds of Nigerian youths negatively. Music is by fast encouraging gangstarisim and promoting premarital sex among Nigerian youths. Nowadays youths believe that premarital sex have no negative implication, they felt that premarital sex is a basic neccessity.  This are thought which Nigerian youths must do away with.
Music is a major force for negative thought, they can still be a force for positive thought. Some rare music preaches good conduct.
Nigeria music was awesome in earlier times. Artistes sang songs that passed special messages to people and create a therapeutic effect in the mind of the hearer. This days, the reverse is the case. what you hear upcoming and current musicians sing is really questionable. The only interest most music listeners now have is beats of a song, as long as the beat is interesting, people like the song no matter the rubbish the singer is singing. However, some artiste sing with meaning and pass awesome messages across to the people.
Nigerian music isn't all bad. some artistes sing songs that carry social importance.
In conclusion i would say that the value of Nigeria music on the youth depends on the message/words it passes along to them.