Monday, 18 April 2016


"THE RACE"; The Door to Purpose Misplacement

Went the last sound of the starter's pistol. Like warriors after the spoil, each athlete surged forward, vigorously beating the wind. With the sole of their feet almost touching the backs of their heads as they lunched towards the finished line. The excited  crowed cheered them on . "Tic -tac,  Tic-tac", the clock ticked on , it's faint sound covered by the roar of the crowd. The earth and the cloud  stood still to see who would receive the golden cup in the end...

When suddenly!

The athletes were sprawled on the ground. With a mighty thud, fell all of them. Alas! They had all left their lanes.
 The crowd ceased their cheer, all dazed and confused. The dust which emanated from the ground coloured the cloud, hiding it's glow as all athletes laid on the ground like a heap of flesh. But-
 "Tic-tac, Tic-tac" the clock ticked on...

          Delicious dishes of oathmeals  can be made  via several methods.  Some like it spicy and a few like it plain.
Bread could be made out of flour and also out of  wheat.
My point is this-
           Life is a journey travelled through different paths and everyone is built to fit his path.
Ships were built for the high seas and cars for the road.
Trains were built for the railway and planes for the air.
When there is a twist in their functions, it equals to a misplacement of purpose.

         Many have misplaced their purpose by wanting greatly to be someone else. Imitation leads to a dangerous competition which saps the competitor of his priority, causing him to live a wasted life of nothingness.  Fulfilment happened when John performed his role of preparing the way for  Jesus, who later played his role of the saviour. There is enough space for  Eagles to sour without any interruption.

          Just as our faces are different, so also are our paths.Identify your purpose,  work towards making yourself better than you were yesterday with the aim of achieving it and be happy...

  ...Or else you'd be like the athletes too stuck to move while the clock ticks on and the crowd waits.

           Time waits for no man. Do not waste your time on unnecessary imitation. You were programmed that way for a reason.
Love yourself!

#Team WC


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