Wednesday, 20 April 2016

World changers team on the gospel mission

#Team WC 

This is Team wc on a gospel mission to one of the community popularly known as Ekpe. It was an awesome moment as the gospel of Jesus went round the community through the team's representatives who were present in the outreach.  Even as the head of the community gladly received the Gospel of our dear Lord Jesus.  The experience of Jesus was crowned with tears as the people of the community bade Team WC  farewell and embrace of love at their departure.  It pays to impact life.  Spread Jesus as we embark on yet another journey to 3 communities this time to show them love and get many saved from the coming destruction.  Jesus cares about all.  No racism, No restrictions to our Gospel and No boundaries to our achievement.  Hallelujah
#TEAM_WC. It's a team where we get inspired to impact and cause a positive change in our world. A place where you see beyond your community and stretch out your arms to reach out to even people you don't know. But as all these are going on, we are also growing and building an unbeatable army in the faith.


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