Monday, 25 April 2016


   Sleep seemed to have deserted me as I lay in the darkness and hear the clock strike midnight, thoughts buzzing through my mind, I thought... "Everyday we get older, but do we get close to actualizing our dreams?" Honestly I dunno, because I felt trapped by the never ending tantrum of being human and fallible, all I seemed to have were dreams, hopes and distant wishes. They say dream big... How big? Time is no man's friend. I needed something concrete to hold on to before I faded away like the rainbow on a rainy day, I Need an achievement, maybe a college degree, some responsibilities, a relationship with God, family, anything, something with worth. I was tired of dreaming, wanted to work it out, with pen and paper, with cunning and brain work, with sweat and muscle and maybe even blood and Iron... I wanted to build my present today because the future seemed to be so faraway bt closer to me than I ever thought... All those pondering and all I needed was God's Grace; It is not of he that runneth or he that willeth but of God that showeth mercy.


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