Saturday, 30 April 2016

Release of your Spirit

A fool says in his heart -- not his head mind you -- that there is no God. The degree to which you are conscious of God in the heart is the same degree to which His presence can be experienced. It is also a strong determinant involved in the sure and steady growth in the express manifestation of the spirit of wisdom. An examination of the level of your God consciousness can be known by words uttered and thoughts perceived in response to daily activities and visible circumstances of life playing out in series. If such thoughts and words are produced out of a heart -- not head --- that is God conscious, the peace experienced would be beyond expression. Your thoughts and words would tend towards a perfect alignment to His thoughts and words. Progressively, the natural would respond. Circumstances, events and life would demonstrate what happened at the creation when same-life words declared out of a heart that is filled with same-life thoughts produced it execution. The negative converse is also valid. Death and Life are released in the dynamics of the tongue. The best that head-experience or knowledge can produce is an awareness and eloquence but heart knowledge produces encounters and indelible experiences that will forever remain fresh in remembrance. The road to the heart is the barrage of thoughts and words that the mind is fed with constantly. That explains why the falling in love experience (or realization as some may call it) appears incomprehensible to the intellect. Therefore, your heart would be where your treasure is. Let me launch you into something spectacular. Try feeding your mind (meditating) with thoughts and words of Jesus Christ as Lord and watch what happens. Hey, this is not religion because religion doesn't in anyway give a heart experience of God to be remembered without fear. This is what is called fellowship. The resultant effect of such thoughts and words is the experience of salvation or new birth. You can also feed yourself with the consciousness of God in you -- The Holy Spirit. The heart consciousness of your spirit would come alive and would produce immeasurable effects and manifestations by the power of God's spirit working in you. As a believer, the continuity of this on scriptures energizes and releases your spirit to act out (be a doer) the reality of the word which would ultimately produce a God consciousness in the heart making you wise and dead to the knowledge of the senses (flesh). Praying in the Spirit (tongues) would really do a lot of help in this practice. Actually, it's indispensable. To those who aren't 'filled' engage scriptures like Luke 11:13 and release yourself. P.S. : You could get into serious trouble if the knowledge of this write up is applied wrongly. Deception (or demon possession) is inevitable in such. Depend on the Spirit of truth to guide you into all realities. If you don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ engage the thoughts and words of 'Jesus as your Lord' and saviour in your heart through your mind (Romans 10:9). God bless you.



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