Tuesday, 26 April 2016


GO FOR THE PREFERABLE, NOT THE AVAILABLE!!!  An old man was walking with his only grand daughter, lookin tired the little lad asked her grand father ; Grand pa, I would like to have some Mangoes,she demanded. Her Grand pa was silent for some minutes, then after wish he broke the silence by asking her to get as many as she desired from a mango tree he saw close to them. Astonished,the little Girl asked her father,how do want me to get those mangoes from the tree, when the tree is very tall? Her father gave her a warm smile but said nothing to her. The little Girl became upset, she looked at her grand pa putting up a face of disappointment. She attempted climbing the tree but could not. She became frustrated just after an attempt.But surprisingly,she noticed that there were some Mangoes on the floor under the mango tree and she began to pick them up. Her grand pa encouraged her to get the fresh fruit from the tree rather than picking the ones from the floor, but she refused claiming that "mango is mango". She put them into a bag and continued her journey with her grand pa. When they got home,  she discovered that all the mangoes she had picked from the floor were not edible. She looked more frustrated than she was when she attempted climbing the tree. Just then,  her grand pa held hands with affection and looking into her eyes, he said u were not patient to have the PREFERABLE,but you went for the AVAILABLE. The price you would have paid to get the preferable is lesser than the price you paid to get the available,but the price of the available look cheaper in disguise. You wasted your effort picking up things that were not useful to you . She cried bitterly, but learnt a lesson never to go for the AVAILABLE no matter how cheap the offer might be , but always to aspire for the PREFERABLE .You must aspire to acquire the desire you admire, never you get tired, even when your enemies conspire it will backfire. Because you have a God greater than Nehemiah, Hezekiah,but a Messiah.


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