Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What are EMOTIONS????

What are EMOTIONS????
      These are feelings that comes along with a particular state of mind in an individual either good or bad. It could make us feel better/worse depending on what you as an individual choose or your state of mind.
        Emotions ain't a bad thing, its just an involuntary action of the mind in the existence of a being. it depends on the mood of an individual either JOYFUL OR SAD.
        It majorly deals with the heart, Emotions are meant to be curbed. Cos believe me if you can't curb your emotions they would curb you. When emotions come as a result of happiness I call it over excitedness which is actually nice buh when it becomes excess it becomes bad. Just  as the saying goes too much of everything is bad.
        When emotions comes as a result of sadness or sadnews it ain't good but then it can't be controlled... It could be as a result of loosing someone so dear to your heart. That's why I said it can't be controlled because loosing a loved one is so painful that even when you don't intend to cry or you try to comfort yourself, somewhere inside your heart you still feel the pain.it could also come as a result of disappointment from humans{probably when you assign them to duties and they fail to carry them out}. I call this kind EMOTIONS THAT LEAD to ANGER.
        Emotions also come as a result of heart break and this has to  do with relationships, Which could escalate and lead to depression. Now this is rare buh most times deals with certain individuals in certain relationship's especially the ones who started to commit their bodies first before any other thing, once their partner says they ain't interested in the relationship anymore they begin  to cry get sad and start thinking of the time, energy,& resources wasted in the relationship (the ones who gave conditionally) and this is how depression sets into their lives while the minor (those who gave unconditionally see it as normal& don't take it to heart) but in a nutshell if depression sets in and not properly handled it would lead to mental disorder which could end the story line except for the intervention of God.
       Emotions are beautiful and pleasant feelings given to us by our creator, so we must learn to handle them.....it could MAKE you or MAR you. And if  you cant curb them they would CURB YOU.......


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