Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Be the humble clay pot

Start each day with Jesus and dedicate your affairs to your creator.  Wisdom demands that the clay pot is made beautiful by the the Potter.  But when the clay pot forgets to submit itself to the Potter for polishing and quality framing, it becomes difficult for the Potter to carry out new inspired Ideas on the clay pot which would had the pot better and most admired.  This is how many try to go away from the reach of their Potter which is in a true sense not possible  but because the Potter has not dismantled the clay, does not make the clay pot best.  Our Potter is not a destroyer but rather  the great builder which will always want our life to conform to what He had in mind before the foundation of the world.  You are His best pot (vessel).  Just remain humble and allow Him frame you for the best because you are simply the best.

#Team WC


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