Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Good evening team world changers

Change does not just happen, it is made to happen. Change is a responsibility and, therefore, places a great task on the one who desires it because it is a personal responsibility. Change is necessary but change neither come cheaply or easily. You either endure the difficulty or forget the necessity.

Many people want progress but only few are ready to follow the process. Behind everything that is working is a worker. Hence, if you want change, then you must work change.

If you are experiencing anything you dont like, this is the time to put in a conscious effort to change it, so that you dont remain the same. To experience new levels of glory, you need new levels of desire, willingness, focus, diligence, commitment, dedication and confidence.

There is no prize without a price; there is no title without a battle; there is no star without a scar; there is no throne without a thorn; there is no gain without pain and there is no glory without a story.

You are probably familiar with the popular saying that, No condition is permanent. However, until a strong desire for change meets with relevant action, change remains an illusion.


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