Monday, 25 April 2016



 Say to your self....
I am a success. infact i was born to succeed, it is not an option.
The fact is, nobody was born to be a failure.  Along the way to your destination, there are meant to pothole which could slow you down to think. Some will quit at this pothole and call themselve a faliure. For me, whenever i encounter such, i either win, or learn. Those things you take as faliure, are actually suppose to be a test. But some person will chose to quit. This is not because you are a failure but because you've said to yourself " i have failed"
You have to be concious of the fact that there will be bridges and some may decide to call it failure, this might happen not because you are a failure. No friends.
There are failure not because you failed, but because success can't be actualise without first having few challenges which people call failure. You can't be successful without having a few challenges along the way. without challenges, which people often refer to as failure you wouldn't know what success is, just like a hot and cold water, you know when water is hot because you've touched a cold water. You do not actually fail, you learn,discover,improve and then move forward.
It may sound absurd but the truth is that there are neither helpless nor hopeless situation, just as there is no problem without solution. Every problem or challenges is an opportunity. Every challenge comes to bring out something inside of us to light. Challenges, which some persons see as failure is an advantage not a disadvantage.
Thomas edison failed (i would rather use the word "learn" ) 999 times before he finally found the right combination to make a light bulb work. Abraham Linclon failed (i would rather use the word"learn" ) 21 times before he final won the position of the president of United State of America. Nelson Mandela spent 29 years in the prison before he finally got the freedom he was fighting for. From history you will discover that great men and women that are celebrated today are those that didn't quit. They didn't see their challenges as a disadvantage but as an advantage. They learnt from their setbacks and use it as a bench mark and improved on them. Many people give up so easily today. What you don't know is that, you stop living once you quit. How many men have been celebrated because they quit, as far as i know, none. We should know that every challenges contains an opportunity to learn,improve and grow. If you don't  learn, grow, improve and discover the opportunity then you will keep on meeting same challenges.
I outline some few steps to manifesting your success, they are as follows;
1. Start seeing yourself as a success;- You are a unique being, with talent, skills and special ability. nobody can be like you,they may be similar. Until you stop seeing yourself as a failure and start seeing your self as a success, that you are, you will remain what you see yourself to be. Ben carson always say something  (which he got from his mother) especially when faced with tough challenges,  "if anybody can do it, i can do it better". Start seeing yourself as a great and success person God created you as.
2. Believe in your self;-
You've got one life and one chance, make the most of b contd...
...compiled by UWA IFUEKO ESTHER


  1. Hallelujah! I am a sucess, I know who I am, I CNT tink of failing,I dnt tnk defeat cuz Greater is He that is in me.

  2. Hallelujah! I am a sucess, I know who I am, I CNT tink of failing,I dnt tnk defeat cuz Greater is He that is in me.