Monday, 11 April 2016

Be Happy

Good morning everyone greets every day when they get up from bed.  But as the day goes by, many gets bad results even after many greetings but should that stop us from saying good morning?  No.
Because we often forget those who also said good morning and better things happened to them.  Many had their dreams come through and many others came back home with so much excitement that they couldn't even explain how good God is.  So learn to always see the  better side of every happenings.  Your life goes in the direction of your choice.  Choose to be happy at all times because the more you feel good about life, the more good you attract to your self and those around you  but the more you feel bad about life, the more you attract unhappiness and evil to both you and those around you.  You are the best counselor your life would have ever met on planet Earth.  So counsel your way to the top and be happy always because it affects both you and those around you.

#Team WC


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