Saturday, 28 May 2016

The day was very promising and Nora could not ask for more.. Looking at the sky through her window,she smiled an turned around. Stretching herself out of tiredness,she pulled off her sweater,put on her"walking out" boots,put her ear piece in her phone and headed for the door.
"Helen good morning"
"Hello dearie,off for your exercise"?
"Yes,what can I do"?
"You can agree that you are perfect the way you are and let go of the exercise"
"Na Na,not  happening,this shape of mine must remain and I need my nervous system to be alert all through today".
"I see,well exercise ain't mine till further notice"
"I know,but obviously I like it"
"Any date today"?
"Well yes,later in the afternoon"
"How is he doing"?
"Lovelier than ever" Becky said smiling..
"Alright,go on"
"Thanks,,, see you later".
Rushing out the door,Nora looked at the sky and smiled..
"It ain't gonna rain today"she said to herself.
Putting her piece in her ears,she turned the volume of the song higher and walked down the street.

Looking at his wristwatch,Frank hissed with all disdain he could gather and left the bed. After such long hours of sleep, he still felt tired.
"You won't get me"he said softly and stood on his feet. He got rid of his pajamas and headed for the bathroom. Taking a quick bath,he dressed quietly and picked p his phone.
He screwed his contact until he got to the name"Jane"and pressed the dialing key.
After trying the line for about 4times,someone finally picked the call.
"Hi baby,how was your night"? Frank asked
"Wow;he said after a while"
"Won't you ask me about my night"?
"Frank how was your night"?
"Well it was fine,dreamt of you"
"Good to know"
"Hope you will still be able to make our lunch today"?
"Well I will try"
"I don't get it,I discussed this with you yesterday and today you are saying you will try? What is going on"?
"Nothing......I will try to make lunch"
"But for goodness sake,you don't have anything doing today apart from house chores I.........OK,will come over"
"For what"? Jane asked,sounding really angry"
"To see you of course"
"Sorry Frank I don't want you to come"
"Excuse me"?
"I will make our lunch date,just before there"
"Of course I will be there"
"Alright,see you"
'Bye.....Later....Love you'.
Ignoring the rude answer of Jane,Frank dropped the phone on the table and continued dressing. He smiled as his eyes caught sight of his family picture. Sitting down on the chair,he picked up the picture and looked at it closely.'Smiling faces' he thought. 'God bless you all' he said aloud,placing the picture back on the table.
Looking at his wall clock for the second time, he picked up his bible and read a few verses. Said a quick prayer on is knees and headed for the kitchen..

Getting up from the bed lazily Jane shipped her legs into her soft slippers and yawned  she picked up her robe from the door of the wardrobe and fling it over her shoulder. 'Twelve thirty' she said angrily and went into the bathroom. Brushing the rogue hair off her face,she rub her eyes with both hands and stared at herself in the mirror. She took her time to look at her eyelashes,nose and lips then washed her face with water from the hand washer and stepped out of the bathroom.
"Hi baby"said Dave sleeping
"Hi Jane replied with a lovely smile and sat at the foot of the bed.
"Slept OK"?
"Yes I did" you?
"With you by my side?of course I did"
"Haha"laughed Jane happily
"Yes I slept OK".
"Good to know".
Pulling off the robe,she changed her clothes into a jean trousers and a brown T-shirt. Brushing her hair,she gathered her makeup into her makeup bag.
"Going already"? Dave asked
"Yes baby. Its already way past twelve and I have lots of house chores to attend to. The earlier the better".
"You really don't need a maid"?
"Huh,here we go again. OK I do"
"Yes" Dave said happily
"But not right now. When I get married".
"Yes. But as a student? No.....I don't".
"If you say so".
"I have already said so..…but thanks a lot for your concern baby"she said moving to the bed. Giving him a quick kiss,she picked up her phone and placed it in her handbag.
"You received a calk angrily today. Or was I dreaming"? Dave said curiously
"No,I did receive a call angrily"._
"Who was it"?
"My sister's boyfriend. I have told him several times that if they have a problem he should keep me out of it an sort it out with her"
"He won't listen,he keeps calling me to help him beg her"
"No wonder you said you could not make it"
"Yes,he wanted to talk about it over done".
"That's my girl"
"Ahan......Did you sleep at all,its like you heard everything?
"No.....I slept off after you said you were not sure you could make it".
"Ready to go"?
"Wait let me drop you off"
"No need darling,I will take  a cab as usual"
"Why do you hate the idea of me dropping you at your place"?
"Because I don't want my neighbours to feel intimidated"
"Seriously?"asked Dave with disbelief
"Haha....go get dressed baby,you are dropping off... Just pulling your legs".
"Whew....Don't do that again...I was already getting angry".
"I noticed and am sorry"she said smiling happily
"You are enjoying this,ain't you"
"Of course I am....seeing you angry is rare"
"Am sorry"she said shaking his shoulder
"Alright,let go and change"
"Go on....I will wait at the sitting room"
"No need. I will use the...
"Don't worry baby. I feel safer at the sitting room... If you understand what I mean"
Uhm....OK....go ahead"
"Cute". Getting up,she picked up her handbag and went to the sitting room.
From Dr Juliet Ejere.


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