Friday, 20 May 2016

I(1) 😔 SAD NEWS Please pray Urgent prayer request. "Pray for the Church in lndia burned down 20 churches last night. Tonight want to destroy, more than 200 churches in Olisabang province. They want to kill 200 missionaries within the next 24 hours. All Christians are hiding in villages.... Pray for them and send this message to all Christians you know. Ask God to have mercy on our brothers and sisters in India. "When you receive this message, please urgently send it to other people. Please pray for the 22 Christian Missionary families sentenced to be executed by Islamists in Afghanistan. Pls PASS this as fast as u can so that many will pray!!!

(2) Adultery is legalized in South Africa by the Constitutional Court

• Gay Marriage is legalized by the U.S.  Supreme Court.

• As if that is not enough, Germany’s National Ethics Council has called for an end to the criminalisation of incest between siblings after examining the case of a man who had four children with his sister.

•Lastly,  Japanese court rules"Adultery is Ok if its for business  purpose"

All in one week!

It's obvious Satan's agents are working round the clock to win more souls for their master. The battle line has been drawn. Fellow Christians, let's fight back to win the crown of glory  for Jesus.

Share this so that everyone will rise up, and preach the gospel of Jesus now!                            
 The islamist group (ISIS) just took over Quaragosh, the biggest Christian city in Iraq. There are hundreds of men, women and children that are being beheaded. The people are asking for prayers to be made on their behalf concerning the ongoing atrocity in their country. Please take one minute to pray for  them. Pass the message across to all your contacts so that the prayer chain will not be broken. They asked for this special prayer. Please, ensure you pass across the prayer request to the body of Christ for fervent prayers offered on behalf of the brothers, sisters and children in Iraq. This is an urgent SOS message please. Thank you for your concern. May the Lord bless you and your family and always send help your way. Amen.

With love,
Joyce Meyer.

Forward as received, please.


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