Thursday, 5 May 2016




Am sure it doesn't shock you to know that there are a lot of women out there who hate being accustomed to household life or housework. They just despise the idea of washing dishes, handling a broom, or cooking. And they carry the mentality that a house maid will simply fill in for them in marriage. What an error! Please leave such a terrible mentality behind, of what use is your femininity if you do not make domestic chores a habit? Isn’t that the sweetest quality of being a woman? Please learn to be domestic, learn to cook different delicacies, don’t just be good at it, practice more to become BETTER, it is your IDENTITY!

Sweetheart, the world has gone past the times when a woman’s duty is to sit down at home and entertain visitors for her husband. Men now realize the need for a “help meet”. Age is not a barrier, learn a skill outside your degree, it could be baking, tailoring, beads-making, and event planning, learn anything to keep busy and provide income, no matter how little.

We have developed a poor reading habit over the years, and even when some try to read a book it has to be “Catalina and Sabastian”, any book short of romance is a NO. Please renew your reading habit,  get yourself a small library, read inspirational and motivational materials that can add quality value to your life and increase your PRICE!

Please cut the social fat. Spend time with people who see value in you, and people you can learn from. Unfriend every gossip, there’s no time for all of that idle sitting and discussing people. Keep a core group close and drop the rest.

Your face is not a coloring book, most times you miss good men because you apply foundation from your hair to your neck, and they cannot recognize you. Please learn to live without coloring your face. Be natural, let your true beauty shine forth!

Stop not knowing when your period is coming. That is what the calendar on your phone is meant for, having a poor memory is no excuse, put a regular cycle alert on your phone that will beep and remind you, something like “hey! I am bleeding”.

I was having a chat with a friend of mine some time ago when she said she usually wakes up at 2am every day, thinking she wakes up at that time to pray I was so excited to hear her say that, until she told me she gets up to watch the late night movies on TV. Nothing gladdens God’s heart better than a praying woman, don’t get lazy about prayers, make a decision to use your knees every day!

And always remember!
If others can do it, you too can do it!
So make that decision today!
I hope you have been blessed!
Whiles ironing my dress this morning, my mind was drawn to my phone whose battery is not too strong.I wanted to put it on charge so as to have a battery life enough for the day.That was when it dawned on me how we take care of our phones, always making sure it doesn't run out of battery life. Some even go to the extent of carrying power banks to charge their phones...I asked myself , how well am I charging my spirit... ?To what extent do I go in a day to make sure am fully charged for the day and the days ahead... Beloved, I throw this question to you...Always remain connected to your source of power, be fully charged and don't lose your spiritual "battery life"..........GOOD MORNING


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