Monday, 30 May 2016

*IDEAS ARE SEEDS*                                   Many do not understand the workings of God.He did not say He will multiply your bread but seeds.Ideas are seeds.God knows that a multiplied seed is automatically bread and fruits in abundance.                                                Those with the bread mentality cannot rule tomorrow.invest in your today and harvest the fruits of your seed tomorrow.Take into cognizance,the story of the servants entrusted with different number of talents.the one with tomorrow in mind invested theirs and had their talents multiplied but the  servants with one talent went to bury his own and lost even the little that he had.                                                           You can live the multiplied life.Birth the sowing mentality in your mind now and harvest the glories of tomorrow.Your little can be converted to much.forget not the days of thy little beginning.                                                                            As believers,we've been called into a life full of delegated rights.If you are born again,it is now your new birth right to salvation,health,joy,wealth,victory,power,and all things that accompanies salvation.Don't despise it rather conceive them in your mind  and you will birth them in reality.                                        #Team-WC


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