Friday, 20 May 2016

On Saturday I urgently needed to fix my
cloth as I needed to appear smart where I
was to speak that day. I took the cloth to my
tailor and asked him to fix the little opening
near the pocket.
The man turned the cloth inside out and
then began to TEAR the pocket with his
hands... Hah! I was like, "I said you should
sew, not tear".
So I shouted, 'You are tearing my cloth o'.
But he replied "I KNOW".
Those two words sank into me like a heavy
stone sinks in water. I couldn't talk again.
He's the tailor, and I'm just a customer. Even
though I couldn't relate tearing with sewing
but the Tailor says "I KNOW".
God is saying, 'I KNOW'.
He hears your complaints.
Father, My fiancee just left me... 'I KNOW'.
I have no man to pay my fees... 'I KNOW'
I was rejected at the embassy again... 'I
I have no money to cater for my needs... 'I
So many times when the Lord is fixing us, He
starts by 'tearing' us. Tearing our
confidence in ourselves, Tearing all our
philosophies, Tearing our pride and fake
humility, Tearing the things we call dear and
giving us the truly dear things.
The only thing necessary is wisdom. Wisdom
to know when it is the Lord and when it
isn't the Lord. The devil tears to kill, God
tears to Fix. God tears the old to give you the
God's tearing fire only refines His own.
God's tearing approaches only yields the
peaceable fruit of Righteousness.
So in reality, God tears no man, He only
makes. We call it tearing, He calls it Making.
We call it breaking, He calls it building. He
knows you have need even before you ask.
That's why when we complain... He
responds thus: 'I KNOW'.
For I KNOW the thoughts that I think toward
you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and
not of evil, to give you an expected end.
Trust God.
My cloth came out better. You are coming
out better too.....


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