Saturday, 28 May 2016


If TECNO could ping before NOKIA… Who told you that all your mates who started work before you would make it before you?

If CIVIL DEFENSE could carry gun before ROAD SAFETY… Who told you it’s by how far? It’s by how well.

If GARRI could sell more than INDOMIE after all the adverts… Who told you that you must dress indecently to attract men?

If Ex-president JONATHAN didn’t have shoes before he became the President, but now wears different shoes per hour… Who told you that you would continue being poor?

If tomatoes can be more expensive today than apple... who says you are less important than your friends who schooled abroad because you schooled in Nigeria?🙄

If they could tie a COW with just a rope despite its size, but must use a strong chain to hold a dog… Who is that person that says you are worse than nothing?

Don’t worry too much about your current situation, just believe in yourself.



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