Monday, 23 May 2016

All I see is fake smiles’ – Justin Bieber puts award ceremonies on blast

Justin Bieber condemns award shows
There seems to be a lot going on withJustin Bieber lately, as the singer continues to be overly critical of situations he finds himself in.
After recently declaring his decision to stop granting fans the opportunity to take pictures with him, the 22-year-old has now blasted award ceremonies, saying all he sees is ‘fake smiles’.
Despite recently bagging the 2016Billboard awards for ‘Top Male Artist’ and ‘Top Social Media Artist’, Bieber says he no longer finds joy in the ‘scripted’ events, as he feels little or no emotions before or after award ceremonies.
‘I don’t know about these award shows.. No disrespect to anybody at any of the shows or the people running it. Nothing but love for you guys and your support. But I don’t feel good when I’m there nor after,’ he wrote on his Instagram less than 24hrs after performing his hit songs, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Company’ at the Las Vegas event.
Hypocrite? Bieber receives award
Hypocrite? Bieber receives award
‘I try to think of it as a celebration but can’t help feeling like people are rating and grading my performance. A lot of people in the audience there to be seem worried about how much camera time they will get or who they can network with.’
He continued by saying he’d rather perform at a regular show for teeming fans who are more connected to his music than to an audience who don’t seem to care.
When I’m doing a regular show I feel they are there for the right reasons and to strictly have a good time! But these award shows seem so hollow. I get the premise is to award people for their accomplishments, but is it really? Because when I look in the audience I see a bunch of fake smiles so that when the camera hits them they look happy.’
Bieber poses with several award plaques
Bieber poses with several award plaques
Justin further expressed he’s more about his inner feelings and fulfillment, Sure there are people truly proud of others so I don’t want to knock them I’m just looking at the vast majority. I just think to myself if I’m living my purpose I want the reward to be fulfillment. I’m getting awarded for the things that I’m doing and not for who I am which is understandable I know it would probably be hard to calculate and award someone’s spirit lol.
But When I do get these awards the temptation of putting my worth in what I do is so hard to fight!!!I am privileged and honored to be recognized by my peers in but in these settings I can’t feel the recognition. There’s an authenticity missing that I crave! And I wonder does anybody else.. Sorry not sorry about grammar it’s not my strong point,’ he wrote in conclusion.
Who knows, this might just compel awards organisers to excuse Mr Bieber next time…


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