Thursday, 19 May 2016

DILEMMA .......Episode 10

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t
believe it was Nmeka sitting on my bed. Out of fear, I opened my mouth to scream but couldn’t produce any sound!
What could have happened to my voice. I
made to open the door which I was leaning on, in order to run away but it refused to open. I fell to the ground with a mighty thud.

My heart was beating very fast.
Nmeka laughed and laughed and laughed
again. I stood up,leaning my back tightly
against the door. I wished I could disappear through it at that point in time.
“Nmeka please don’t kill me please, please
o, I am sorry please”I managed to speak at last. She laughed again and stood up, coming towards me. I almost fainted, I was panting furiously.

I wished the ground can open up and
swallow me. As she came closest to me, I
closed my eyes trembling, I could feel hot
water dripping from my trousers. I knew it
was my own urine. I urinated on my body. “Open your eyes!”she
commanded. Her voice at this time was filled with anger and rage.

I opened my eyes helplessly. I made to say something but she shouted at me to keep quiet. “Jude, since I died my spirit has been restless. You must go and tell my parents what happened to me. Secondly, you must go
to the police and find out where they kept my body. I can not be buried in another man’s land. I must be buried in my father’s compound.
Do these and you will live, or I will kill you
after making you confess publicly”Nmeka

She came closer to me that it was just an
inch or two separating us. I felt cold shivers running down my spine.

I opened my mouth in a gape. how can I do these things she commanded me to do. She further told me to go to her school and ask about her room mate, that she will help me locate her parents. She told me that I had 3 days left to do all she has said or I will die.... She disappeared.

I opened the door, this time, it yielded. I
came out of my room sweating profusely and panting like one who ran a race. It dawned on me that i was in a very big trouble, oh 2go has dealt with me.
Why are all these happening to me why me. I cried. I really cried.

Two known cultists who lived in my lodge
were finally arrested by the police that
fateful day, leaving me very surprised. I
couldn’t imagine what the police had on
That very night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept
hearing Nmeka’s voice over and over again.
If I close my eyes, it was her image I would see.
Very early the next day, I packed few of my clothes in a little bag and headed to Nmeka’s school to find her room mate. I had to do what she said in order to live. I am the only child of my parents.

I got to her school that morning and saw
her room mate locking the door,with a little travelling bag by her side. it seems she was about travelling too.
She didn’t recognise me because the day I visited it was almost dark. I told her I am
Nmeka’s friend. She looked at me
suspiciously . “Where is she, she has been
missing, have you seen her?” She went on
asking questions.
I rather told her ”I want to see her parents,
can you be of help?” She replied that she was going to the village to settle things with Nmeka’s parents. She told me that Nmeka’s parents accused her of knowing what happened to their daughter since they lived in the same room. I pitied the poor girl.
I was relieved that at last i would see her
parents. But I never knew what awaited me................

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