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Very long wth episodes
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DILEMMA .........part 1
I brushed my teeth for the third time, ran out
of the bathroom and grabbed my phone.
Slowly I scrolled down to a name saved with
“NNEKA 2go” and dialled the number with a
happy smile on my face.
Nneka was my 2go girlfriend. The first real
friend i was making from 2go after months of
endless chatting. She was paying me a visit
that very day, something like a return visit
because we first met two weeks ago at her
school where we met each other for the first
Of course the visit i paid her solidified our
friendship thus making her take the risk of
visiting me for a lovely weekend.
“Hello Jude, the bus has dropped me at the
You can now come and get me” Nneka’s
sweet voice announced as she answered my
call. I jumped up with joy before rushing out
to pick her up.
It wasn’t hard locating her at the busy bus
station. We hugged each other with joy,
seriously the love was there.
“I’m so happy” I whispered to her. She
blinked her eyes, saying nothing.
Minutes later we arrived at my lodge which
impressed her a lot. “Hmmm your lodge is
beautiful. It’s so big ooo.
Hmmm you go fear three storey building.
How much do you pay here?” she asked with
We had a wonderful night gisting, joking and
playing before finally wrapping up the whole
fun with a hot super sex, she really was so
good.and sweet. Oh what a delicious girl she
“I hope you are not deceiving me?” she asked
with love in her eyes. “of course not my dear”
I answered innocently.
She smiled and closed her eyes. We went
straight to sleep moments after, unfortunately
I never knew a nightmare was coming.
I woke up at exactly 3:15am the next
morning, to see my lovely visitor convulsing,
struggling and gasping for breathe........
DILEMMA ....... Episode 3
N.B: For better understanding and maximum fun if you miss any of the preceding series, I advise you revisit and read. Enjoy!

I quickly pulled off her night wear and
dressed her up with the clothes she wore
from her place.
A black jean trousers and a pink top. It truly was the most difficult and irritating task I have ever done in my entire life, Pulling off clothes from a dead person.
The worst aspect of it was that it was
trousers,, putting that trousers on her was like an uphill task but i had to do it.

I turned her facing down and facing up at
intervals to make sure the trouser entered
Putting on her bra and pink polo wasn’t that difficult. “What next?” I asked myself as I looked out of my room window. The hostel (lodge) gate was still locked. There wasn’t anyway I could carry
her out of the lodge without waking the
gateman or seen by early morning weed
smokers (annoying students who were fond of smoking hemp in front of some hostels).
Moreover the hostel lights were equally on and glaring.

I rubbed my face in desperation. I was living at the top-most floor and so had little or nothing to hope on. It was a do or die affair. I left my room and took a quiet tour round the lodge. Fortunately no one was outside, which really was a very big relief.I went round the lodge searching for a quiet hidden place I could dump her body. Of course I wasn’t thinking
of dumping her outside the lodge because there wasn’t a way I could do it without being seen.

I couldn’t ask the gateman to open the gate without arousing suspicion nor scale the fence with such a heavy load. I had to look for a spot within the lodge to dump the body.
Finally an idea quickly struck me. There was a staircase at the extreme end of wing "C" which was hardly used because the three stairs at the front and middle back of the big hostel was the most preferred by everyone.
The staircase was exactly the kind of place I was badly searching for.
There wasn’t any bulb underneath it like the other staircases _(the bulbs were probably stolen) and so had poor visibility even in the afternoon.

My only fear was that the cleaners who swept the lodge every morning might discover her on time. Perhaps before I could be able to dispose her handbag and other belongings which I intend
disposing at a place very far from the lodge later in the morning.
Seriously i never imagined my heart could be as dark as it was that fateful morning, but it got me to realise that the heart of man is very dangerous especially when faced with an unimaginable circumstance.
I quickly inspected the staircase, rushed to my room and carried the poor girl’s body.
Discreetly i headed back to the staircase, my heart almost at breaking point............ watch out for the next episode
DILEMMA ....... Episode 4

I quietly carried her to the staircase, my
heart beating wildly as I carried the heavy
load. I needed a whole lot of luck to avoid
Only a single mistake could destroy
everything I had planned. Luckily I got to my destination without being
seen. I calmly dumped and pushed her
well,underneath the staircase (of the first

“If things go as planned perhaps, it will take a day or two before she’s discovered” I reasoned before another idea came into my head.
I rushed up to my room, grabbed a bucket of water , came down and poured it all over her.I wasn’t a biologist but i felt it could destroy any evidence like my prints which were on her body.
Yea it might sound silly but i felt a bit relieved after doing it even though the water quickly spilled out towards the exit door but it wasn’t enough to draw attention.

I grabbed the empty bucket and returned to my room. I knew nobody would investigate a spilled water in a lodge filled with students. Unless of course the cleaners.
As I got to my room, I quickly cleaned up
everywhere, packing up all of Nmeka’s things in a big black sack bag including her phone which was the first in the list, but before doing it I first, logged into her 2go account (luckily, the application opened without asking
for a password) and deleted everything about me, including my phone numbers and text messages we shared. I knew the police had the means to get me if they were serious but I did everything just as a precaution. I equally washed the bathroom, and changed my bed
sheet, made sure everything was in order
before sitting down to rest.

I was so terrified and nervous. I needed all the good luck in the world. I was scared of being caught. My future just stood before me, glaring at my face. I knew i did the worst atrocity by trying to hide the poor girl, but I had no choice than to do it. I wasn’t ready to be hanged for something I had no hand in.
Nervously I waited for the hostel gate to be opened, the success of my plans depended on it.
I had to dispose Nmeka’s things in a place very far away. Precisely in a river........

What next? Let see tomorrow....
DILEMMA ......episode 5

I cracked my head searching for a good river but couldn’t remember any. In desperation I thought of other alternatives.
“A good bush will do” I concluded as I
remembered a very large bush, four hostels behind mine. The bush really was at the end of the street, a yet to be developed plot. But I was very unsure of the best time to head to the place.
I knew there wasn’t a way I could go there
without being seen by many students and my movement might draw suspicion due to the sack bag in my possession and if eventually Nmeka’s body is found, tongues may talk and I could be caught, I reasoned.

“The only solution was to head out of the
school environs with my load perhaps
towards the small mechanic village which
was fifty naira bus drop away from my lodge, find a good refuse dump site and dispose everything” .
Luckily her body wasn’t discovered that
morning and so by 7:45am, I smashed her phone sim and memory card wrapped the
debris in a small nylon before flinging it with the phone back into the sack bag. Soon after I left the lodge with my load and headed towards mechanic village, nervous, shaken but determined.

It was very easy to find a burning refuse
dump site when I got there. I quickly
disposed everything and headed back to my lodge a bit relieved.
All that was left was to sit and wait for the
poor girl to be discovered.
I kept to myself, acting cool and trying hard not to behave in a way that could draw suspicion. It wasn’t easy, I couldn’t eat, sleep nor do anything. I was conscious of everything, plus I began seeing things. Strange weird things,
Perhaps it was my imagination, perhaps it
was guilt and fear but I truly wasn’t myself anymore.

I didn’t kill the girl but I wronged
her spirit. I felt she was everywhere I went, staring at me with her dark eyes.
Then she was discovered!
An early monday cry from one of the cleaners
ripped the whole lodge apart..........
DILEMMA .......episode 7
The school S.U.G president soon showed up with the school authorities and the police, quickly dispersing everyone.
“You can now go on with your various
activities, we are here to take charge of the situation.
Be rest assured that the person behind this outrageous crime will be caught. If you have any information to share please don’t hesitate to bring it to our knowledge.
Mind how you talk to the press or better still leave us to do the talking, “you are warned” the Dean of student affairs addressed us before we were dispersed. I returned to my room extremely scared and afraid. I couldn’t imagine what the outcome of their investigation will be.
I didn’t leave my room all through the rest of that day.
I simply stayed indoors with my conscience punishing me. I was ready to do anything for my fears to go away.

Nmeka’s body was taken away later in the
afternoon. I couldn’t help but peep through my window as an ambulance carried the poor thing away.
Yes the time was precisely 3:15pm. I really couldn’t imagine what caused the delay in
moving a body discovered very early in the morning.
However some minutes after her body was taken away. A strange kind of dizziness took over my entire body. It was as if my room was spinning round with me in the center.
I lost balance and collapsed on my bed,
breathing heavily while sweat drenched my body.
I couldn’t believe nor understand what was happening. I never experienced such a thing before, but luckily I regained myself some minutes after.

I tried hard to think what could have
happened, but just couldn’t figure out
anything. Not only was my eyes now seeing things that never was, the rest of my body has equally joined in the game.
Could Nneka’s spirit be behind this?” I
wondered Miserably.
“But I didn’t kill anybody. It was just an
accident. I did what I had to do to save face” I kind of spoke aloud before realising myself.
A sharp knock of my door, quickly notified me of a visitor waiting outside. “Was I heard?
Is it the police?” I nervously asked myself as I sluggishly went to my door........ to be continue
I nervously opened my door and came face to face with the hostel president, a policeman in uniform and the S.U.G president.
I stared at them with panic. “Please can we come in?. The officer has some important questions to ask you,” the S.U.G president explained while my heart froze.
My guilty conscience was at its worst that moment.
I fearfully allowed them into the room, my
heart pounding furiously as the policeman took a sharp look round my room before
settling down on the only plastic chair I had,while the two students with him stood and stared at me. I knew they all noticed my nervous behaviour.

“I’m here to question you as a result of the body discovered in your lodge. The dead girl found under the stairs”.
The serious looking officer said to me as he brought out a small notebook which he opened. “So what’s your name?” he asked. I breathed deeply and looked at the hostel
president who nodded to me in agreement. I slowly murmured my name, repeating it twice. “You saw the girl’s body right?” the officer asked.

I swallowed hard and nodded. Nmeka’s
image quickly appeared in my head. “yes I
saw her” I answered weakly,
“do you know her?” he asked, sending my
heart flying with the question. “um no, not at all” I replied, “are you sure?” he asked again,
“yes I’m sure” I answered,
“you mean you have never ran across her
even in school premises?” he asked. “Yes I’m sure, I haven’t seen her anywhere” I
answered a bit boldly.
He marked something in his book, closed it and stood up.
“thanks for your time, but I may be back” he grinned before leaving.
I locked my door, fell on my bed and
covered my head with a pillow. “Liar, damn you liar” i heard Nmeka’s voice scream in my head, sickening me.

I laid awake all night, scared and afraid. I
was scared of Nmeka’s ghost, scared of the police and scared of being discovered. A very terrible wind equally blew that night as if rain was about to pour, but there came no rain, instead the wind kept making strange noises on my window which seriously terrified me.
Early Tuesday morning i packed some of
my clothes in a small bag and headed to my friend Gideon’s lodge. I just couldn’t stay all alone in my room anymore.
Unfortunately Gideon and his neighbours
were all too eager to hear the dead girl’s
story, especially how she looked, who was being suspected and so on.

They wanted to hear everything without
knowing that they were upsetting me with their questions.
The more I managed to answer, the more
questions they asked to the extent that I
almost lost the remaining part of my mind.
Early Wednesday morning I headed home to be with my surprised parents who were very astonished to see me return home in the middle of the week. I managed to mutter some lousy explanation which I believed they never truly bought.

But then it was as if the devil had so much interest in my case, because by 8:15am the next day, the hostel president called me on phone, asking me to show up at the lodge.
“The police needs to search your room”. He ended up saying.......
DILEMMA ....... Episode 9

“What?, what’s the reason for that?. Why
will the police want to search my room?” I
asked desperately. “They just want to search all the rooms in the lodge.
According to them it’s the procedure. You
are not the only person, so you have to come as fast as you can or else they might break into your room when it gets to your turn”  he explained patiently. “Fine I’ll be there” I murmured half-heartedly, breathing deeply.

It really took me about two hours to make
up my mind on returning to the lodge,
because I was so scared that the police might find something in my room. A lipstick, lock of hair or anything incriminating, I feared.
Though I was so sure that I wiped my room clean before travelling, but they were experts and I was scared something could be found somehow.
However I finally returned to my lodge very late in the afternoon with the hope that my room has been broken into. But on the contrary it was as I left it (still locked).

I quickly met the hostel president with
questions in my heart and Immediately he
saw me he smiled, offering his hand for a
handshake. “It’s very fine you showed up
today. All the rooms that are yet to be
searched will be searched tomorrow.
Some students travelled like you did which is very bad and as a result the cops decided to search the rooms of available students today while the locked ones will be searched tomorrow whether the owners return or not”he explained, settling my curiosity.
I returned to my room a bit relieved and
satisfied, quickly cleaned up everything in it one more time, washing the bed sheet
Nmeka laid on over and over.
In fact, I made sure my room was very
much in order before resting that day.
My room was so clean that the three
policemen who searched it early the next day commented on it.
“Seems like you are the cleanest student in this lodge. Your room is so clean” one of them said to me as he tossed around my properties, without suspecting a thing. I smiled nervously, Unknown to them the room they were searching was the main crime scene and they left without finding anything, leaving me a bit relaxed.
“What next?” I asked myself as I watched
them leave.
I bolted the door as they left and took a sigh of relief with my eyes closed,resting my back against the door.
Immediately,I heard a voice right there in
my room calling my name slowly:

I opened my eyes and behold, it was
Nmeka sitting on my bed!........hunmmm be right back


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