Friday, 20 May 2016

Word of wisdom. # Glory is a panacea to shame # If you have not done anything about yourself,there's nothing you can do for the world #  A man that has not experienced change,  can not cause. Impact change and neither can he cause change # No one can make anything work when he haw not been worked on # work on your thoughts, because your thoughts actually becomes your life # Your mind is your life greatest asset # No one has become so great with a poor mind #You can not be healthy while your mind is sick, can not be wealthy while your mind is poor,and,?  can not be great while your mind is small #Mind transformation is the secret behind effective change and transformation# There's a difference between WRONG suffering and LONG suffering# The world is waiting to be changed to the image that is in your mind #  Whatsoever you have not conceived in your mind, your life cannot birth # Those who do not generate ideas from their mind will always serve those who do # Ideas are seeds, they grow#  No man is in a realm higher than his thought realm # Our words are arrows shot from the quiver of our heart # All victory starts from the mind # It is in the room of mmeditation, you see what others don't see # It is not about how big a problem is but how you see it . Gotten from CHANGE YOUR WORLD by VICTOR O. OTABOR. You must aspire to acquire the desire you admire, don't you ever give up, even when your enemies conspire it will backfire because u have a God greater than Nehemiah,Hezekiah,Jeremiah, but a MESSIAH. I love you all ❤


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