Friday, 20 May 2016

Check out this testimony. I got it from someone

This testimony is worth sharing:
" a Christian was travelling by plane and sitting beside him was a Muslim man in his dress, turban, etc.

The Muslim ask: what is your name?

The Christian: I'm Christopher.

Muslim; Oh, then you are a Christian!

Christian; yes I am.

Muslim : Can I ask a question?

Christian: please go ahead

Muslim; who is the husband of Mary?

Christian; Joseph
Muslim: who is Jesus' Father?

Christian: God.
Muslim: so  you mean God committed adultery by giving birth with someone's wife? Just explain to me!

So the Christian pull out his note book and a pen And wanted to make a note to explain to this Muslim friend.
As he was about to start the holyghost told him to begin to speak in tongues.

So this Christian spoke in tongues for about 3 minutes and stopped.

The Muslim Friend ask " do you speak Arabic?
Do you know me from my childhood?
Cos you just spoke in Arabic and told me everything including the fact that the one who took care of me is not my biological Father.

Instantly, everything was clear to the Muslim
AND he asked the Christian friend to pray for him and he got converted!

What I learnt which tells me to share is that. I should forget about the little grammar I  can speak , or my little knowledge of the Bible,
Rather let the Spirit speak.

If you don't have the Spirit of God in you , you have no place in Christ.

Pray that the Spirit of God will be available to every Christian, that's my prayer for you and for myself.

When the Holy Spirit is in charge He does the convicting. And where the spirit of GOD is there is liberty.

Do share with dear ones if you do not mind. Thanks


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